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    9 Mindblowing Facts about Messenger Marketing For Business

    Have you ever considered setting up a chatbot for your business? 

    Messenger bots are not just a new trend, they're your new best friends when it comes to marketing.

    As these AI powered machines are gaining more and more attention, you're still in time to embrace chatbot technology and stay ahead of your competitors in the same niche.

    So, what makes a Facebook bot so effective? 
    Keep reading to find out why this new method of marketing is so exciting.

    1. A chatbot campaign has a 98% open rate

    An email marketing campaign or an ad may go unnoticed. However, it's highly unlikely that a messenger notification won't
    get opened! If you're looking to attract more customers, a Facebook bot campaign is the best way to get your offer in front your leads!

    2. Chatbots keep consumers engaged with your brand 

    The more you engage with your fans, the more likely it is you'll boost your sales. In other words, a chatbot can help prevent
    your followers from forgetting about your brand.

    3. Chatbots can inform, educate and entertain your fans

    What better way to build trust with your next customers than by educating them in a fun and friendly way? A chatbot can do
    that for you, thus helping you nurture your fans and periodically, draw their attention back to your brand.

    4. A Facebook bot can offer your leads a personalized experience

    Generic marketing campaigns may not be obsolete, but a chatbot can easily be taught to learn more about your customers
    and offer them a personalized experience as they interact via chat with your

    5. Efficient messenger marketing campaigns can gather and analyze consumer data

    No marketing campaign is complete without enough consumer data. A chatbot can obtain crucial customer insights that can
    help you build better and more efficient marketing campaigns for your business.

    6. A messenger bot can attract new leads and identify cold leads

    While it's a well known fact that a messenger bot can attract new leads, did you know that these AI powered machines can also un-qualify tire kickers? Messenger marketing comes in handy when it comes to identifying prospects but it can also be a means of knowing who to avoid, thus preventing you from wasting your time with an ice-cold prospect.

    7. Chatbots can identify and solve customer problems within seconds 

    Offering excellent customer service is definitely going to boost your credibility rate among your fans. As humans,
    we're only able to deal with one client at time. A Facebook bot, on the other hand, can handle multiple requests at once and solve your customer problems in no time. 

    8. A chatbot can be "taught" to be polite

    People usually react based on their emotions, especially if the person in front of them is very rude. A chatbot, however, is
    a machine and can be taught to be extremely polite and nurture even your most difficult clients.

    9. Messenger bots can take care of the most boring tasks, so you won't have to 

    Last, but definitely not least, chatbots are great at taking over repetitive or boring tasks! If you ever feel overwhelmed
    by the list of clients you need to reply to, consider setting up a chatbot that can do that for you, so you won't have to!

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    7 Ways in Which Facebook Chatbots Make Marketing a Breeze

    Did you know that messenger marketing makes landing new clients a breeze? 

    AI powered chatbots are the new buzz when it comes to marketing a business. But what are they and why are Facebook bots
    getting so popular?

    A chatbot is a program designed to simulate a real interaction, with real people, via a chat interface. And even though they've been around for decades, recent developments have made it possible for messenger bots to understand language, react to human requests and - most important - contribute significantly when it comes to marketing a business.

    Here's how messenger marketing can boost your marketing campaigns.

    7 ways in which chatbots can help you scale your business

    1. Messenger bots are available 24/7

    One of the best things about messenger bots is the fact that they're available 24/7. Nobody likes to wait too long to get a
    reply to their inquiries, so having a chatbot take over basic customer service tasks will improve customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

    2. People are constantly checking their messenger notifications

    Not everyone will notice a generic ad, but almost everyone will check their phones when they get a Facebook notification.
    Integrating a chatbot with the Messenger platform will help you engage with your leads faster and much easier!

    3. Chatbots can handle multiple client requests at a time 

    Not only is a chatbot always available, but it can handle multiple requests simultaneously. As humans, we're limited to doing things one at a time, whereas chatbots can easily multitask and have concomitant conversations with dozens, or even more people.

    4. A Facebook bot allows you to actively connect with your customers 

    Businesses don't typically initiate a conversation until a potential client specifically expresses interest in what the business has to offer. Chatbots, on the other hand, can be "taught" to be proactive when it comes to generating new leads, allowing you to initiate contact with your customers and make them improve
    their perception of your brand.

    5. AI powered chatbots will always treat your clients right

    While people tend to act based on their mood - making it so easy to lose clients - a chatbot will always be nice to your
    leads. Messenger bots can be taught to treat everyone the same way, regardless of how polite or rude your customer really is.

    6. Messenger bots allow you to gain and monitor insights from clients

    The best way to land more customers is to know how to make them an offer they can't refuse. Messenger bots are not only great at allowing you to communicate with your leads, but they can also gain and monitor important data from potential clients that will allow you to tweak your offer based on their needs.

    7. Building a smart bot will allow you to significantly increase your conversions

    Setting up a chatbot for your business will allow you to generate more leads, nurture the ones who are most likely to become loyal customers and un-qualify tire kickers, preventing you from dealing with time consuming prospects.

    Although chatbots can't totally replace human interaction, they can be a valid and cost effective backup that can perform basic tasks at a higher speed and in a polite and friendly manner.

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    5 Mistakes to Avoid With Chatbot Marketing

    Everyone should have heard about chatbots by now. And, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you're

    probably aware that automating even the most basic marketing tasks can offer you a serious competitive advantage in any industry.

    However, using a chatbot the wrong way or setting one up improperly can lead to more damage than good for your business.
    While many argue that chatbots will eventually replace websites and "kill" most apps, there's a chance that they'll knock out your marketing efforts first, unless you're careful.

    Without further ado, here are the top mistakes you should always avoid when you implement a new chatbot for your company.

    #1 - Not testing your bot before it goes live
    Before launching a chatbot to automate your marketing tasks, you need to make sure it can handle a real conversation
    without a hitch. Although not all messenger bots are 100% perfect, it always helps to test things out before your chatbot goes live and starts interacting
    with your leads.

    Don't allow a chatbot to ruin your relationship with your clients and tweak your conversation flow as best as you can before you send your virtual assistant on its way to talk to customers.

    #2 - Not allowing your subscribers to opt out 

    Some of your subscribers may love your brand and they may choose to stay loyal. Others, on the other hand, may stop being
    interested in what you have to offer. If that happens, you should always give your followers the option to unsubscribe.

    Having a list of subscribers who are no longer interested in your business won't help you drive up your sales. Instead, it may determine them to resent your brand if they keep receiving unwanted notifications from your bot. 

    #3 - Not respecting the rules around Facebook bot marketing 

    If you'd like to make the most out of messenger marketing, you should always respect the regulations that Facebook
    and other platforms have in place.

    Not playing by the rules will eventually lead to your chatbot or your page getting slapped with a penalty.

    #4 - Not knowing when to limit the number of sent messages

    Another mistake you should always avoid when setting up your chatbot conversation flow is sending too much text to your
    subscribers. Whether you're launching a new drip campaign or would like to send out a series of chat blasts to promote a new product, you should always be careful not to overdo it.

    Messenger marketing can be highly effective, but only if you're careful not to send too many updates that may be perceived as annoying.

    #5 - Not hiring a pro to properly set up a chatbot for your business

    Unless you have experience with setting up a chatbot, you should probably rely on a professional to do it for you.

    Although there are many options that make building a messenger bot a breeze, it's always best to allow someone with experience take care of your chatbot from start to finish.

    Contact us today to learn more about what a Facebook bot can do for your business and how you can have yours set up right away!

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    4 Good Reasons to Set Up a Chatbot for Your Business

    If you're looking to boost your marketing efforts, you should definitely set up a chatbot for your business.

    Messenger bots are becoming increasingly popular. The AI powered machines make it so easy for businesses to interact
    with their customers, attract new leads and increase conversions.

    Recent consumer reports show that 80% of adult customers are very satisfied with their interaction with a chatbot. More than 50% of consumers are likely to convert if
    a chatbot would offer them a location-based offer and - surprisingly - almost 40% of adult shoppers think that the best use of chatbots is offering coupons
    and deals.

    That in mind, if you think the marketing industry has reached saturation, think again. Here's how setting up a chatbot
    for your business today can help you land a lot more clients right away.

    1. Messenger bots can help businesses generate new leads

    Because chatbots are active 24/7, implementing one for your business makes it easy to constantly generate new leads.

    Setting up an "intelligent" Facebook bot can make it very easy for potential customers to find exactly what they
    need, in a matter of seconds. Instead of making your leads search your website, come to your location or wait on the phone until someone on your sales team is
    available, you can easily engage with new prospects and cater to their needs immediately.

    2. A Facebook chatbot can assist businesses with a new launch

    If you're looking to launch a new service or a product, a smart messenger bot can help you spread the news and get immediate
    feedback from your leads.

    Typically, customers initiate contact with a business only after they've heard about a product or know for sure they need a
    service. However, by having your bot literally announce a new launch, you'll have a way to easily get your offer in front of subscribers, before they hear
    about a similar product or service offered by your competition. 

    3. AI powered bots can gather important insights from leads

    What better way to improve your next offer than by finding out what your potential customers really need?

    Messenger bots can do more than just pop an offer in the inbox of your customers. They can ask questions and gather
    important data based on the audience answers or their preferences. After you gather enough information from your leads, you can use it to improve customer
    experience, tweak your offers to match your customers' needs and work smarter on marketing campaigns you plan for the future.

    4. Businesses can significantly increase brand loyalty with the help of a chatbot

    Last but definitely not least, chatbots can be very helpful when it comes to nurturing your existing clients and boosting
    their loyalty towards your brand.

    A "sharp" messenger bot knows how to deliver information that your subscribers actually ask for, thus building trust
    with your followers and drawing their attention back to your brand every time an interaction occurs.

    Setting up a polite and friendly chatbot can help your business meet consumer
    expectations, increase customer satisfaction and best of all, get ahead of your
    competitors. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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